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Benefits of Multi-Paddock Grazing Management on Rangelands:  Limitations of Experimental Grazing Research and Knowledge Gaps  _Richard Teague

Healing native rangeland may require combination of burning and rotational grazing  _Richard Teague

Multi-paddock grazing provides efficiency and profits for ranchers  _Richard Teague

Grazing Down the Carbon:  The Scientific Case for Grassland Restoration   _Richard Teague  25 minute YouTube video

Soil Biologist Elaine Ingham Explains the Importance of Holistically Managed Grazing Livestock  _ 9 minute YouTube video

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change  _ Allan Savory TED Talk  22 minute YouTube video

The Roots of Your Profits  _Dr. Elaine Ingham, Soil Microbiologist, Founder of Soil Foodweb, Inc.  1 hr. 36 minute YouTube video

A New Program to Restore Northeast Grasslands:  100% Grassfed Beef  _Ridge Shinn  24 minute YouTube video

Soil as a Supra-Organism  _Jerry Brunetti  36 minute YouTube video

Soil, Plant and Animal part 1 of 4  _Jerry Brunetti  54 minute YouTube video

Soil, Plant and Animal part 2 of 4  _Jerry Brunetti  52 minute YouTube video

Soil, Plant and Animal part 3 of 4  _Jerry Brunetti  18 minute YouTube video

Soil, Plant and Animal part 4 of 4  _Jerry Brunetti  27 minute YouTube video

Greg Judy - 2015 Keynote NOFA/Mass Winter Conference   _46 minute YouTube video

Walt Davis explains the cycle of life, death and decay Texas Legacy Project