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People attending holistic management field day with Allen Savory

Objective:  With decades of combined experience working the grasslands, animal production, ranching, farming, forage management, grazing and animal welfare, the Grassfed Sustainability Group's understanding of the land comes from physically working it. From hard work, training, trial and error, and many long hours working the grassland, the GSG principals have learned how to manage and improve lands holistically while maintaining profitability. By partnering with the Savory Institute we intend to extend our knowledge of holistic management to others by teaching them how to create low input, self-sustaining land and a positive quality of life we all strive for.  By collaborating with third-party certifiers, producers ensure quality standards to the consumer who is eager to pay a premium for products they desire to exist within their grasp.  Urbanites concerned about restoring the health of our ecosystems and having access to clean, wholesome food, may support our efforts by Championing the Savory cause.

Savory Champion members help fund educational programs for land managers and affect positive change in environmental policy.  Perks of membership include VIP access to Savory Institute and Savory Global events, discounts of products and services including speaker fees for your events and access to Savory marketing materials, annual webinar with Allen Savory and access to the on-line course The Foundations of Holistic Management.  Grassfed Sustainability Group (GSG), will offer discounts on educational opportunites to Champions in our region.  Sign up now.  

Strategy:  The GSG believes in sharing our knowledge of Holistic Management and proper grazing techniques with other landowners, managers and producers.  The GSG will work in collaboration with land owners, managers, producers, scientists, and various academic institutes to collect research and information on how to manage holistically. We believe in creating long-term relationships. We believe the delivery of the Holistic message stimulates a thought-provoking experience that engenders action. By increasing the understanding of how to properly manage livestock and land holistically, we are contributing participants to increasing biological diversity, decreasing desertification, increasing self-sustainability of producers and ultimately improving the land and increasing profits for those who live on the land.


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